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What MES4

What’s MES4?

MES4 is a comprehensive MES (Manufacturing Execution System) designed for manufacturing companies, integrating ERP systems with the production floor.

MES4 enables businesses to achieve a complete and healthy digital transformation by addressing the planning, management, and traceability aspects of the production floor where ERP systems often fall short. With its ready-to-use integration packages, it seamlessly works in harmony with your ERP system, particularly SAP, bridging the gap between your ERP system and the production floor, thereby facilitating end-to-end digital transformation.

Why should I
use this service?

To be able to track whether the investments you have made in the production tools of your business are being effectively utilized as they should, you should take advantage of the MES4 application.

See your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Values;

In Japanese Management Systems, it is one of the most important performance indicators focused on losses. OEE is a mathematical method developed to measure and monitor the machine's downtime, performance, and quality losses with a single parameter. OEE shows us how well and efficiently we use our machines. We can track this indicator not only for a single machine but also for a line or department. OEE, with its clearly defined calculation method, is one of the most important indicators used worldwide and calculated in the same way for the same purpose. It also provides reports such as breakdown analysis, MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), which are the key performance indicators in maintenance management.

Digitize Your Production and Achieve Operational Excellence;

With MES4, various costs such as labour, scrap, breakdowns, and waiting times are recorded in real-time from the workshop. You can easily manage materials, machine efficiency, energy, and people, and ultimately get rid of paper notes. The absence of paper notes means that management can utilize this data to evaluate unprofitable business models and predict future pricing. MES4 enables your company to optimize efficiency, improve asset productivity, and increase productivity across all your production facilities.

Reduce Downtime with Industry 4.0;

MES4 gathers production data in a single dashboard, allowing you to quickly and easily identify deviations from performance targets and understand the root causes of operational issues. Additionally, it enables you to track part inventory, facilitating the creation of more accurate production schedules.

Provide a Standard Reporting;

MES4 provides real-time visibility into the status of the factory through user-friendly interfaces. With improved reporting, you can easily take control of supplier compliance, product safety, and product hierarchy. It can be integrated with other important modules such as Quality Control and Maintenance Management.

Reduce Losses and Achieve Sustainability Goals with Continuous Improvement;

MES4 enables automatic data capture from all machines, production lines, and equipment by accurately analysing production lines and finished products. As a result, any inconsistencies in the workshop can be easily identified. Production can be immediately halted to limit the waste of defective parts and materials. Additionally, by gaining a better understanding of the impact of production on water, air, gas, electricity, and steam usage, you can take control of resources. MES4 will continuously update your inventory records with new production, materials, and products.

Reduce your costs;

The MES4 system provides increased control and cost efficiency in all production inputs. With better control over the required product, time, and labour, you can streamline operations. Real-time operation control optimizing the amount of materials used to meet the needs and real-time production counting to prevent overproduction will help reduce material costs. Operational data is automatically collected from machines and equipment, increasing accuracy. As a result, it saves working hours that are often wasted in collecting and reporting data written on paper.

Furthermore, it gives operators time to focus on higher-value tasks and alerts your authorized personnel when issues arise. MES4 automatically monitors the energy usage of all facility equipment, facilitating the rapid detection of faults and optimizing energy consumption.

Advantages over Competitors
What are they?

You can digitally transform the production field end-to-end with both software and hardware infrastructure. With international project experience, you can quickly implement ready-to-use scenarios.

It can be used either On-Premises or in the Cloud.

It is fully integrated with SAP Systems.

A fully integrated solution with ERP and the production field, leveraging years of experience and references.

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